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Thermacore® Steel Garage Doors

Thermacore® is the premier line of insulated doors available today. Thermacore® Series garage doors feature a baked-on, polyester paint finish that eliminates field painting and provides long-lasting protection against the elements. Thermal break prevents cold or heat from passing through the section, while between-section seals contribute to superior thermal performance. About Our Thermacore® Steel Garage Doors

Sectional Steel Garage Doors

A comprehensive line of sectional steel and insulated steel garage doors provide thermal efficiency and protection against the elements. Accommodates irregular floor conditions and features heavy-duty track and hardware engineered for precise, trouble-free performance. About Our Sectional Steel Garage Doors

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Comprehensive line of rolling steel garage doors to meet your project specifications with ease and style. Featuring a wide variety of durable garage doors and ideal for situations where side room and headroom are at a premium. Rolling service doors for heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty applications. Steel plate brackets provide additional strength. About Our Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Aluminum Glass Doors

An excellent solution for applications where visual access and light transmission are key considerations, Overhead Door's™ aluminum sectional doors offer an attractive solution for commercial and industrial applications. Top-quality materials, excellent field service, and an optional maintenance program contribute to extended door life, low maintenance costs, and maximum productivity. About Our Aluminum Glass Doors

Counter Doors

Overhead Door™ rolling counter doors provide a versatile selection of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, offering a wide variety of attractive solutions for smaller openings to 20' wide and 9' high. Wooden curtains in red oak, douglas fir, white oak, birch, or other exotic species complement interior design features, along with the convenience of a factory-assembled unit for an attractive, finished look that's easy to put together. About Our Counter Doors

Security Grille Doors

An array of attractive solutions for a spectrum of retail, commercial, and industrial applications. Security Grille garage doors feature side-folding grilles that boast the shortest stacking dimension of any grille available today. Choice of standard or wide-body panels with an array of height, countertop, multi-level, and cutout styles. About Our Security Grille Doors

Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Overhead Door™ offers a wide array of rolling steel garage doors that meet most fire-safety standards and discerning aesthetic requirements. Designed to close automatically in the event of a fire or alarmed event, these fire-rated garage doors are available for service door and counter applications in commercial, industrial, institutional, and retail projects—a wide range of sizes and styles that meet or exceed industry fire safety testing standards. About Our Fire-Rated Garage Doors

Advanced Service Garage Doors

Advanced Service garage doors feature the high cycles and faster speed of a high-performance door with a rolling steel door's security and durability. It also offers various insulation, weather seal, and wind load options to satisfy applications in a wide range of environmental conditions. Advanced thermal performance boost efficiency, and locking and safety options provide peace of mind. About Our Advanced Service Garage Doors

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