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Dock Levelers & Seals

McGuire, a division of Systems, Inc., manufactures a complete line of loading dock equipment, including hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical levelers, seals, shelters, safety vehicle restraints, and accessories. Completely outfit your loading dock area with McGuire’s comprehensive line of loading dock equipment. About Our Dock Levelers & Seals

Loading Dock Levelers

  • Hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical pit-type levelers
  • Barrier lip hydraulic and pneumatic levelers
  • Hydraulic and mechanical edge-of-docks
  • Vertical storing levelers
  • Custom designs

Safety Vehicle Restraints

  • HOLD-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • TPR™ automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® automatic vehicle restraint
  • STOP-TITE® manual vehicle restraint

Seals & Shelters

  • Fixed and adjustable head seals
  • Fixed and flexible frame shelters
  • Special seals for unique applications

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